Responsibility of the Secretariat

The Secretariat is the executive office of AUPF whose main responsibilities are consist of liaison, website maintenance and nomination of host universities.

1. Liaison

•The Secretariat is in regular contact with the Executive Board and its member universities.

•The Secretariat should communicate with the host university to: Provide the unified logo, emblem, identification of the forum as well as other operational specifications; Assist host universities by providing related documents of previous sessions; and supervise the handover of the AUPF Flag at the end of each session.

•The Secretariat is responsible for nominating host university to the executive board should no university volunteer.

2. Website Maintenance

•The Secretariat is responsible for the construction of AUPF official website, the update of information and the website’s daily maintenance.

•The Secretariat is responsible for the annual budget and final account of the website.

3. Resource collection and filing

•The Secretariat collects and puts together the data and recourses of each session (including the final report, list of attendees, speeches, forum handbooks) and is in charge of data statistics.