The lyric of the song goes:


Together we are

Nations of Asia

Asian University

Presidents Forum

Heart, soul, imagination

We are for Asian education


Together we are

Together we are

Together AUPF

Together AUPF



Song Writer: Professor Dr. Ismail Abdullah, Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Advisor: Datuk Professor Dr. Kamarudin Hussin, Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Theme and Description

The song enhances special ideas on the theme of ‘presidential’ friendship, togetherness, collaboration, and partnership. The spirit of togetherness and collaboration is repeatedly highlighted in the lyric, so as to represent and accentuate a strong sense of friendship and imagination in all aspects of academic and educational endeavors. This unique bond of friendship is reflected as a part of the Asian soul. The soul forms a common spiritual ground and value to all AUPF Presidents.

Music and Composition

The music begins with a combination that reflects the richness of various traditional Asian sounds such as the gamelan repercussion, and followed by fine Asian ‘serunai’, ‘ching’, and ‘gendang sunda’. The music intro of traditional sounds is combined, remixed and orchestrated with contemporary electro-mixed fusion sounds to represent various academic and educational values. The sound texture is a representation of AUPF’s musical theme ‘togetherness’, which imitates the spirit and imagination of the federation’s diverse cultures, which comes under one orchestrated and unified sound of imagination.